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About Us:

Inspirational T-shirts for a Change Since 1995

With teens and adults wearing all sorts of symbols and sayings to express themselves, Accentricities has created a line of t-shirts with positive, uplifting messages for members of the Jewish community, their affiliates and anyone else who feels the sayings on the shirts express their beliefs. There is a story about young Jews going to the Dalai Lama for insight and his telling them to go back to their own teachings because that's where it all emanated. The shirts serve as a reminder of this. Hopefully they will inspire both the wearer and the reader to look deeper into the origin of the sayings and learn about the stories and lessons behind them. Wearing them just feels good!

On the lighter side, Accentricities also makes a line of t-shirts for parents and caretakers of toddlers who are potty training.



Bulk orders available to Judaica shops, temple gift stores and for fundraising. Accentricities donates a portion of it's profits to such charities as the AJWS.

New sayings, children's sizes, aprons and other products can be purchased at our other stores:

Our "Ganjaweed Good... Janjaweed Bad... Stop the Madness in Darfur"and "Where's Chad?" t-shirts are available exclusively at

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